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Our head office manufacturing facility is located in Cobble Hill, BC and currently employs approximately 40 people.

We have without a doubt the most experienced sales staff in the business. Five total sales reps, two for North Island, one Mid Island, and two South Island, each having as many as 30 years experience and no less than 15 years experience on Vancouver Island alone.

We also have the most experienced Truss Designers and production employees, having as much as 25 years experience and no less than 5 years experience.

It is because of this level of experience and expertise that we can confidently say we can service any project size or complexity level. Our teams’ experience in design can ensure the most efficiently designed truss systems, reducing installation time by the installers on site, while still maintaining an economical price. All this to keep our clients’ projects on budget.

If you have any projects that need assistance on design or solving engineering issues, we have the team best suited to help you. Consider us when sourcing out the component supplier for your next project.

We will outperform your expectations!

We’ve increased our production capabilities which has significantly reduced our lead time. And we can deliver our products directly to the job site.

The manufacturing plant has recently been updated with the addition of new state of the art saws and automated jigging tables. The facility sits on four acres which is divided up as 1/3 buildings and 2/3 yard for finished goods and lumber storage. In addition to new manufacturing equipment, the delivery fleet of trucks has also been updated with the addition of two new crane trucks with long reach cranes, giving us a total of four trucks and one 5 ton deck truck.

Proud Member of the WWTA of BC

As a member of the Western Wood Truss Association, our production facilities and manufacturing methods are audited bi-annually by an independent engineering inspection service to ensure adherence to industry standards. We adhere to complete weekly self-inspections to ensure membership.

The company objective is to provide the best quality service and technical support available today in our industry.

We consistently exceed Quality requirements from the Western Wood Truss Association and have also done so numerous times over the past 20 years. We have many satisfied customers and strive to increase our customer satisfaction to the highest level in our industry.


Roof Truss Job Site Delivery SmallAt Victoria Truss, we have our own fleet of crane delivery vehicles with three full time truck drivers/crane operators. Depending on the size and scope of the Truss Package truss delivery is usually completed within an hour. It is because of our fleet that we can ensure prompt delivery of our products.

*Not having to rely on contract haulers to deliver our products gives us the ability to better schedule our deliveries to meet our clients time frame