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Experience & Quality You Can Count On

We've been in business for over 36 years, so you can bet we know our stuff

  • Competitive Pricing:  Victoria Truss offers free estimates for all of our products. We will always strive to design each product with cost in mind without compromising on structural integrity and quality.
  • Quality:  We believe that quality is the cornerstone of our business. We employ a full time Quality Controller and consistently exceed quality requirements of the Western Wood Truss Association, as well as a bi-weekly audit by our in house structural engineer.
  • Service:  We have 3 offices on Vancouver Island, with a total of 4 sales reps and 8 design support techs in Victoria, Cobble Hill & Courtenay. This puts us in the best position to service projects up and down the island.
  • Experience:  Victoria Truss has been in operation for over 40 years, a proven name in the industry with many long term employees in all departments, making us a very reliable source for your needs.
  • On Time Delivery:  We have our own fleet of delivery vehicles, from large to small. Not having to rely on contract haulers to deliver our products gives us the ability to schedule on time deliveries for our clients.
  • Product Guarantees:  We guarantee all products that we sell and stand behind each one to ensure customer satisfaction.
  • Add-ons, Change Orders or Repairs:  We also guarantee a 24-48 hour turnaround time for any add-ons, change orders or repairs.
  • Pro-active Scheduling and Shipping:  Once an order is placed with Victoria Truss, we look after the scheduling and any movement on delivery of products, by direct interaction of our shipping department to our clients or their project managers, leaving less work for our customers.
  • Text Notification:  We have a text and email notification program that sends you notifications at different intervals, from the time of booking your order, to the time of delivery. This makes it easier to schedule your orders for design, production and shipping and for you to get your product on your desired delivery date.
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We Offer Free Estimates On All Products!

  • Pre Cut – Laser Marked – Wall Panel Components

    Saving you time, material and money! They provide builders with a chance to gain a competitive edge, higher profit margins and faster cycle times for construction.

  • Pre Fab Wall Systems

    Effectively reduce costs associated with labour, time and site waste. They provide builders with a chance to gain a competitive edge, higher profit margins and faster cycle times for construction.

  • Pre Fab Component Package

    Save Time, Reduce Labour, Increase Quality, Efficiency, Accuracy, Recognize Higher Margins and Reduce Construction Cycle Times.

  • Roof Trusses

    The ability to solve complex roof design problems and break them down into individual components, makes prefab roof trusses much stronger and superior to site framing.

  • Floor Trusses

    Our Floor Trusses are custom designed to the specifications of each project and can be packaged along with Roof Trusses making delivery and installation as effortless as possible.

Our Service & High Standards Makes Us A Good Choice

Our Experience, Skill and Quality Craftsmenship Makes Us A GREAT Choice

Located in Cobble Hill, BC, we are perfectly situated to accommodate all of Vancouver Island. We have without a doubt the most experienced sales staff in the business. Five total sales reps, two for North Island, one Mid Island, and two South Island. We also have the most experienced Truss Designers and production employees in the business.

We can service any project size or complexity level and our experience in design can ensure the most efficiently designed truss systems, keeping our clients’ projects on budget. If you need assistance on design or solving engineering issues, we have the team to help you. Consider us for your next project.

We will outperform your expectations!

We’ve increased our production capabilities which reduces our lead time significantly. We can also deliver directly to the job site. The manufacturing plant has been updated with new, state of the art saws and automated jigging tables. Our delivery fleet has also been updated with the addition of two new long reach crane trucks.